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Not only did he have to adjust his mentality, but he also had to constantly help Eric and Meng Chang adjust their mentalities. He was afraid that they would suddenly collapse and not play with him.

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However, who would know about Boss Pei’s pain?

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Soon, the call went through.

“Hello? Boss Pei?”

Meng Chang sounded relaxed and relieved.

Obviously, after more than a week of anxiety, he realized that his plan was very successful. He did not attract any unnecessary attention. Thus, he gradually relaxed.

Pei Qian asked, “How’s your publicity plan?”

Meng Chang smiled and answered, “It is going quite smoothly thanks to Boss Pei.”

“In particular, your request for the various departments within Tengda to keep the development of the works of the inspiration class a secret was a huge help!”

“What’s more, I can follow the regulations for internal leaks and commission. That gives me a lot of comfort. I can now formulate the publicity plan in a calmer state.”

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Meng Chang reminded himself constantly that he had to be cautious, cautious, and cautious against an old fox like Boss Pei.

However, Boss Pei had indeed helped him a lot this time...

If Boss Pei had not blocked the loophole in time, he would probably not be able to bear the consequences once the internal department leaked the development of the works of the inspiration class.

Meng Chang broke out in cold sweat when he heard that Tengda Games had already begun preparations for the downloadable content ‘Eternal Reincarnation’.

If this news were to spread, the attention of the entire inspiration class would definitely skyrocket!

At that time, the publicity funds that he had spent and the ugly publicity picture would probably become a burning flame. The situation would definitely be out of control.

Fortunately, Tengda’s internal security was good.

Therefore, Meng Chang gradually relaxed. He was in a happy and relaxed state, seeing that he would be able to get the commission in three or four days.

Pei Qian immediately had a bad feeling.