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“Eh, ah, that’s-“

“Hiya, I’ve always felt weird about this! It’s because there isn’t!”

“Eh, …isn’t?”

“Yes! Instead of saying the reason you chose Amano, …it’s more like Amano has nothing superior to Uehara!”


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I’m lost in thought. However, Mikamika didn’t notice my subtle change and continued.

“When you think about it, it’s weird to switch your boyfriend from Uehara to Amano, right? That’s why we feel pretty strange.”

“Is it weird…?”

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It is! It’s because don’t you think switching from Uehara to Amano is like changing from a Ferrari to a light van? It’s weird, no matter how you feel about it. Ah, I’ll be frank here! That gaming otaku is just using Aguri’s-“


Without thinking, I snapped and yelled even though we’re still at the store. Everyone around us looked at us shockingly before leaving. …Mikamika froze for a moment as well.

…W-What are you doing, Aguri?

I hastily waved and turned back to normal.

“Ah, well, …ah, right! I’m really not threatened by him or anything. Uh, …Amanocchi- Amano-kun has Amano-kun’s good points as well. That’s why we ended up like this. Yes.”

“I-I see. Hey, …I’m sorry. I feel like I said something I wasn’t supposed to as well.”

“Ah, it’s fine. In reality, Amanocchi is indeed a disgusting virgin otaku asshole.”

“No, no, no, I didn’t go that far…”

I grabbed Mikamika’s hand. …Ahh, she’s a friend you haven’t met for so long. What are you doing, Aguri?