How to buy video advertising online

How to buy video advertising online

Then, Old Pei would surely accept him!

Pei Qian believed that nobody would be able to escape the curse of loving games, even though they hate them at first!

It was only then that Pei Qian found the time to read the comments below.

Potato Web still did not have the bullet screen?function1?yet. Pei Qian guessed that it would be at least two more years before such a function would be introduced to Potato Web.

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However, there would be no use even if Potato Web had such a function. It would be overtaken very quickly, and it’ll decline rapidly as a result. In any case, it was still a very influential video giant right now. There were still many outstanding content producers.

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There were many comments below Boss Pei’s Daily Life. Although some of them were written by people who just wanted to pick fights, most of them were praises for the video!

“I thought this would be an ordinary short video. However, once I saw it, I realized there was such deep meaning behind it. It’s absurd and comical, but on further thought, it seems quite realistic. It made me shiver…”

“This young actor’s acting skills are very good. He very accurately portrayed the character of a nouveau riche with too much money. He looks very natural, too. He’s so much better than many other young actors!”

“Uses dark humor to expose society’s faults. This video made me reflect deeply about life. It also offers biting criticism, mocking the industry’s chaos!”

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“His expression is quite accurate. It’s filled with contempt for the world. Is this really the world of the rich?”

“Not only does Boss Pei carry himself well, but even his expressions are very on point. The way he slumped on the sofa convinced me that he was the boss of a company! He truly is a movie king, attracting so many fans!”

“The previous commenter, haven’t we already gotten rid of all the fake commenters? You’re so dedicated!”

“Although this video does not seem to have high production value and I can tell from a visual inspection that it was shot using a DSLR, I still think it’s quite deep. There’s a lot of thought behind it. It’s much better than the short videos that are filled with pompous special effects.”

“Who told you that it did not have high production value? Wouldn’t it cost money to buy the props and the costumes? Wouldn’t it cost them money to purchase a custom-made suit and a Rolex watch? I already took a close look at the Rolex watch; it’s the real thing and not an imitation!”

“My guess is they invested a total of two hundred thousand yuan, 180 thousand of which was used to purchase the watch, hahaha.”