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In fact, Pei Qian’s idea was very simple when he first invested in the entire FV Club. He wanted to find a way to incur losses for himself. Especially when he sent these people out for competitions and public travel. Spending a few million yuan at once made Pei Qian extremely happy.

In the end, he did not expect to win the championship for no reason. He had earned all of those millions with interest!

That made Pei Qian very uncomfortable.

The problem now was that if Pei Qian sold the shares of the club, he would definitely make a huge profit. That was because FV Club’s reputation and valuation had risen rapidly after winning the championship.

Selling it now would mean that Pei Qian would get another huge sum of money that he did not know how to spend. It would easily disrupt his plan for this cycle.

However, if he did not sell it, the club would have an endless stream of money for him. That would be very uncomfortable.

After some hesitation, Pei Qian picked up the phone.

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He had no choice. There were some things that he had to face no matter how unwilling he was.

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“Boss Pei! I think I have to report the situation at FV Club to you. Zhao Xuming called me just now to discuss something...”

“What do you think I should do?”

“Should we refuse to cooperate? Pay lip service? Or... cooperate?”

Wu Yue felt that Boss Pei would probably let him choose the first two.