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“I don’t really want to say this. Amanocchi, all of you are too indecisive!”

“…Big talk from one of the most indecisive couples I know-“

“What did you say!?”

“I’m sorry.”

She exploded for a moment. It made me feel like Main-san and Aguri-san are indeed cousins. Their type of “stress” is entirely identical.

I was freaking out. “Whatever.” Aguri-san sighed and continued.

“Even though I feel like I shouldn’t take my anger on you.”

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“What do you mean?”

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“It just disgusts me when Amanocchi’s the only one preparing for Valentine’s Day happily.”


“So, Tendou-san or Hoshinocchi should make the first move, …but they didn’t do anything, right?”


That’s why I’m really restless. Although I already think that some girls are interested in me, now I just feel like a ridiculously wrong clown. Also, you have to include my lack of confidence as well. This is literally…!

Aguri-san sighed.

“…I wonder what those girls are doing now.”

“…Yeah, what are they doing…?”