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Pei Qian looked at Manager Su also with thirty-percent surprise and thirty-percent anger.

What the f*ck...? Were you here to wreck everything?!

Was there anything wrong to say in private? What if the other clubs won’t sell it, following your lead here?

Seeing that two or three club managers were shaken by Manager Su’s statement, Pei Qian hurriedly raised his hand and said, “Be quiet, everyone!”

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“It’s everyone’s personal choice to sell or not to sell. Don’t always be influenced by others. Don’t you have opinions?

“Manager Li says to sell, and you all want to sell; Manager Su says not to sell, and you don’t want to sell.”

“Can you be firmer?!”

“Primary school students knew that they had to keep their words, and they all know that they have no regrets. Why did the problem become so complicated with you all?”

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“Manager Li is very assertive; I appreciate it very much.”

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“That will be all today. Everyone, wait for Zhang Yuan to contact you and sign contracts one by one.”

Pei Qian felt that the wind direction changed to his disadvantage so he stopped quickly.

These clubs had to follow Manager Li, not Manager Su!

Boss Pei’s remarks fitted the managers’ intentions, and it so happened that Tengda needed a certain time for the contract to be drawn up. They could use this time to reconsider.

Manager Su got up directly, ignored the other managers, and left on his own.

What else could he do since everything had reached this stage?

He was not afraid of offending the other clubs.

GPL would be launched soon enough after a while. These clubs were all for profit. Who would always hold grudges?

Naturally, other club managers would not say anything on such an occasion so they left silently.

Seeing that the club managers were all gone, Pei Qian leaned on the chair and let out a sigh of impatience.