How can I sell clothes online?

How can I sell clothes online?

"Pardon me," she stammered, "pardon me for having doubted you!"M. de Tregars was not much less agitated than Mlle. Gilberte: but hewas a man; and the springs of his energy were of a superior temper.

In less than a minute he had fully recovered his self-possessionand imposed upon his features their accustomed expression. Drawinga chair by the side of Mlle. Gilberte,"Permit me, my friend," he said, "to remind you that our moments arenumbered, and that there are many details which it is urgent that Ishould know.""What details?" she asked, raising her head.

"About your father."She looked at him with an air of profound surprise.

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"Do you not know more about it than I do?" she replied, "more thanmy mother, more than any of us? Did you not, whilst following upthe people who robbed your father, strike mine unwittingly? And'tis I, wretch that I am, who inspired you to that fatal resolution;and I have not the heart to regret it."M. de Tregars had blushed imperceptibly. "How did you know?" hebegan.

"Was it not said that you were about to marry Mlle. de Thaller?"He drew up suddenly.

"Never," he exclaimed, "has this marriage existed, except in thebrain of M. de Thaller, and, more still, of the Baroness de Thaller.

That ridiculous idea occurred to her because she likes my name, andwould be delighted to see her daughter Marquise de Tregars. Shehas never breathed a word of it to me; but she has spoken of iteverywhere, with just enough secrecy to give rise to a good pieceof parlor gossip. She went so far as to confide to several personsof my acquaintance the amount of the dowry, thinking thus toencourage me. As far as I could, I warned you against this falsenews through the Signor Gismondo.""The Signor Gismondo relieved me of cruel anxieties," she replied;"but I had suspected the truth from the first. Was I not theconfidante of your hopes? Did I not know your projects? I hadtaken for granted that all this talk about a marriage was but ameans to advance yourself in M. de Thaller's intimacy withoutawaking his suspicions."M. de Tregars was not the man to deny a true fact.

"Perhaps, indeed, I have not been wholly foreign to M. Favoral'sdisaster. At least I may have hastened it a few months, a fewdays only, perhaps; for it was inevitable, fatal. Nevertheless,had I suspected the real facts, I would have given up my designs- Gilberte, I swear it - rather than risk injuring your father.

There is no undoing what is done; but the evil may, perhaps, besomewhat lessened."Mlle. Gilberte started.

"Great heavens!" she exclaimed, "do you, then, believe my fatherinnocent?"Better than any one else, Mlle. Gilberte must have been convincedof her father's guilt. Had she not seen him humiliated andtrembling before M. de Thaller? Had she not heard him, as it were,acknowledge the truth of the charge that was brought against him?

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But at twenty hope never forsakes us, even in presence of facts.

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And when she understood by M. de Tregars' silence that she wasmistaken,"It's madness," she murmured, dropping her head:

"I feel it but too well. But the heart speaks louder than reason.

It is so cruel to be driven to despise one's father!"She wiped the tears which filled her eyes, and, in a firmer voice,"What happens is so incomprehensible!" she went on. How can I helpimagining some one of those mysteries which time alone unravels.

For twenty-four hours we have been losing ourselves in idleconjectures, and, always and fatally, we come to this conclusion,that my father must be the victim of some mysterious intrigue.