How to register online

How to register online

The usage of rental cloud services was not included into the calculation – that would be an issue to consider depending on the game’s popularity post production.

Pei Qian was completely dazed.

What was going on?

He felt that 670,000 was too low of a price based on the figures alone.

But, through the checklist, the prices seemed to be within a reasonable range albeit slightly lowered.

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They had not decided on cheap resources to purchase intentionally either – why was the expended sum so low then?

Pei Qian’s confusion was only normal.

That was because he did not have a deep understanding of Ocean Stronghold!

Bao Xu and Huang Sibo had gone about it with the idea of saving as much resources as possible; the story was done using a single setting style; the only side character was a little girl; all the other zombies and mercenaries were produced using modifications of universal templates.

Since there wasn’t much custom-made content, the price was naturally low!

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However, Pei Qian was naturally unable to comprehend all of that with a single rough browse, merely feeling displeased that the money spent was too little.

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“Go back and redo it. Double the budget estimate at least,” Pei Qian returned the checklist right to Huang Sibo.

Huang Sibo was stumped.

Double the budget estimate?

“But, Boss Pei...”

He wanted to continue, but Pei Qian’s eyes were resolute.