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“You confessed to him…What the hell is wrong with you, that’s really sudden!”

My question made onee-chan raise her head from the bathtub. She’s even blushing really hard in embarrassment and looked away before answering me.

“It’s not like that. Well, …it’s too much to call it a confession, Konoha. After all, I just…I just expressed my thoughts…and my feelings for Keita to know without holding back…”

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“Eh, if that’s not a confession, then what is?”

I asked dumbfoundedly. Then, onee-chan put her finger on her chin and tilted her head as if she’s trying to be cute.

“…Want me to tell you now?”

“Why are you acting like the host of a variety show! I can’t pretend you can treat your confession like this. Our onee-chan isn’t feminine in the least bit, you’re in the negative zone!”

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“But I revealed everything about NOBE and Mono to him as well…”


Another ultra wild plot. What is this? Did onee-chan lose her mind?

The bathroom is echoing with the noise of water droplets falling from my hair and splashing onto the ground only.

I froze entirely and fell speechless. Then, onee-chan let out an “ah” before apologizing to me and continued.

“So, Konoha, you don’t need to pretend to be NOBE and Mono anymore. Thanks for everything in the past.”

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“Uh, …eh? I-I can’t change my feelings if you said that suddenly…”

“…Uh, K-Konoha, cut!”

Onee-chan pretended to be adorable and raised her arms with a splash. She’s even talking like a director at the scene…What is this?