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"Of course you will. You are trusted more than anyone else in this class".

"Umm.....ok. If you're ok with me then I'll cooperate".

"Thank you. Now it'll be a lot easier for the others to ask for consultation. If you find it difficult to talk to me directly then I don't mind it if you do so via Kushida-san. I'll respond to any consultation, no matter how trivial".

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Leaving aside the extent to which Kushida is trustworthy, it's an unmistakable fact that this is the best approach right now.

Because of the rules of this exam, it's considerably difficult for boys and girls to meddle with each other's affairs.

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First of all, it's impossible for a boy to join in on the fight at the girls' side.

Both the lessons we'll be receiving and the exam we'll be taking, despite being in the same facility, will be taking place at different locations.

The only time we can make contact is during the one hour we have for dinner.

More so if our phones, which we could use for regular contact, will be confiscated.

Still, it's essential that we gather as much information as possible.

In that case, I'll need accomplices to help me gather information from the girls. Within our class, Kushida's movements are also slightly worrying.

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The only two I can use would have to be either Horikita or Kei. The former's currently stuck in a rather troublesome situation. Also, I need to take into account her overthinking my intentions and taking unnecessary action as well.

Most importantly, if she's being consulted by the other girls then she won't have room to do other things as well.

Therefore, as expected, the only one I can use would have to be Kei.

But I cannot possibly force Kei to see through the entire group alone.

I sent the essential facts over to Kei's phone.

The mail arrived and was immediately seen by Kei, who replied with a blank mail.

Boys and girls will be fighting a battle while separated for an extended period of time.

A unique special exam was about to begin and it appears she had instantly assumed I'd contact her.