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However, it’s not just for this month. Kiriya’s story is also published weekly on < Dragon Magazine > too. If you loved it, please look for the magazine.

Well, I’ll see you in Volume 9 of the main story, which will be released in winter!

Sekina Aoi

Translator: your_pingas

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Winter is an incredibly blessed season for high school gamers in the north.

After all, the Christmas sale provided many games, and you get New Year’s money to buy them. Aside from that, you can play for all you want during the winter holidays.

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Moreover, the winter holidays in the north are 10 days longer than usual.

What else can you call this other than a High School Gamer’s Golden Season?

This is the only reason lonely gamers like us can tolerate our miserable school life.

So, right now, I would like to announce something.

Of course, a lonely gamer must stay in his room like a hibernating bear during the winter holidays. It’s a must, and there’s a reason-

“Onii-san, it’s almost time for us to go. The other relatives already arrived at Shin-san’s place.”

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-My little brother Kousei knocked from the outside as if he’s trying to ruin my inner monologue. I hugged my legs on the chair as I answered him, who’s still in the corridor.

“…Y-You can just help me get my New Year’s money back, Kousei.”

“Save that douche sentence for later. Come out, onii-san. What’s wrong with you?”

“…I’m throwing a tantrum.”

“Isn’t that what you’re like usually? By the way, you always went to our relatives’ New Year parties cheerfully. Why are you throwing a tantrum now?”

Kousei asked from outside the door. …The older brother in high school year 2 is being persuaded by his little brother in middle school year 3. This fact is so miserable that I’m about to cry.

Even so, I want to struggle a bit more. I wiped the small stains on the table with my fingers meaninglessly as I answered.