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However, Tre’ainar also said this about Wacha.


A man of great skill. So much so that Tre’ainar praised him.

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And, that’s why he said that there was no better opponent when going out into the world.

“By all possible means, I’ll have you take one left shot with all my might!”

“Haha, go easy on me, aye.”

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I’ll hit you. Without fail. I began carving out the steps again, building them up to hit the left.

[There is... no direct hit from either side! By a skin, by the flesh, they are fighting each other with merely a paper thin world between them! Wh, what we are witnessing here is, al, already, a, a hit landed... no, that didn’t connect either! Wow, I was sure... I saw it, didn’t I? Ah, ugh, ah...]

Unusually, the host was unable to calmly explain the situation.

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And then, the audience forgot their cheers and jeers and became silent.

The host was finally speechless before long, perhaps everyone was staring breathlessly, fascinated by the paper thin offense and defense, and before he knew it, only the sound of the air being blown by our attacks echoed in the arena.

Author’s Note

Rugby World Cup! Japan has defeated Ireland, the no.2 in the world ranking! The excitement breakthrough, piercing the heavens, I couldn’t stand it any longer and wrote about it.

Strong! It’s not a miraculous Giant Killing anymore, it’s real ability! It’s impossible not to write about this historic moment!

Well, during Anikki’s college days... the yearling who once beat Anikki’s team in a practice match against the University of the East Sea, is now the captain of the Japanese national team and has beaten a world contender.