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Devil? Hoshinomiya-sensei’s choice of words was strange. The person she was referring to didn’t seem to understand either.

At this point, Hoshinomiya-sensei stopped our conversation and put some distance between us.

“We were just chatting, Sae-chan. Don’t look at me with such a scary expression, would you?”

“He’s my student.”

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“You seem to care about Ayanokōji-kun quite a bit. Well, we’ll find out what he’s capable of soon enough thanks to this special exam. He’s going to be facing off against Sakayanagi-san, someone rumored to be the best in the school year.”

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“Then there’s no need for you to force yourself to get involved.”

“Ah, that’s for sure. What a typical thing for you to say, Sae-chan.”

Teasing Chabashira, Hoshonimya-sensei smiled. From the looks of it, she hadn’t chosen to reach out to me for no reason. After Hoshinomiya-sensei left, Chabashira looked over at me with some sort of sidelong glance.

It seemed she really wanted to know what we had been talking about.

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“Do you want to know what we talked about?”

Since we were still on the way to school, I spoke up to satisfy her curiosity.

Chabashira didn’t respond. She seemed to be waiting for me to continue talking.