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No one could say for sure if the VR era would come.

Logically speaking, as long as VR technology could continue to improve in the future, the resolution would gradually reach 4K, 8K, or even higher. The frame rate would also increase to 144hz or even higher. The price could be lowered to within 3,000 yuan. Then, the VR market would definitely expand further. The so-called VR era would also arrive.

If there was a huge technological breakthrough and there was a mature and usable treadmill or even more mystical neural connection technology, VR games might complete a complete revolution in all existing game types.

However, the problem was what if VR technology stagnated?

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If the VR’s resolution could not be done higher, the price would be high, and the game experience would not improve much. Then, it would forever be a niche object. It would only shrink. How could it be called the VR era?

Teacher Qiao’s sneaky point was that he had hypothesized both scenarios and reached a conclusion: Doubt VR and Animal Island would be a rich and colorful event in the history of VR games no matter what.

Since Doubt VR was very meaningful in both cases, it was a product that could not be avoided as long as VR was mentioned. Teacher Qiao’s video title was not like a title. Instead, it made sense!

If there would be a VR game era in the future, then Doubt VR would be the prelude to this era. If there would not be a VR game era in the future, then Doubt VR would be an existence similar to “I thought it was the beginning, but I did not expect it to be the peak”. It would be very memorable even as a tombstone.

Thinking about it this way was really historical...

The only problem was Teacher Qiao exaggerating when he said that the Doubt VR glasses and Animal Island had jointly completed the basic standards of VR games?

Che Rong continued watching patiently.

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“Everyone knows that the current VR games are only a relative niche game type. Without large works, most VR games would not even be as big as cell phone games, much less close to the size of 3A games.”

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“At first glance, ‘Animal Island’ looks similar to other VR games. They are all casual games, so many people subconsciously think that it is not special.”

“This is obviously a misunderstanding!”

“‘Animal Island’ is not only a very outstanding and playable leisure game, but it also has a more important meaning. It has confirmed the operating standards of VR games and allowed us to see the unlimited possibilities for the future of VR games!”