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“Your attitude has some problems, but what Koenji is saying is on the right track. Not many people seem to have noticed my hint. How sad.”

The classroom erupted in uproar and confusion.

“… Sensei, can I ask a question? I still don’t understand.

Hirata raised his hand. Rather than being concerned about his own points, it looks like he’s asking to help the worried students in the room. As expected of the class leader. He’s taking the initiative again.

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“Please tell me why we didn’t get any points. If that’s not possible, we can never understand.

After all, we were never given the reason for why we were never given points.

“98 total absences and tardies. 391 incidences of talking or using cell phones in class. I counted every infraction. In this school, your class performance is reflected in the amount points received. As a result your behavior, the 100,000 points you could’ve gotten went down the drain. That’s all that happened.

I explained this all on the day of the entrance ceremony. That this school measures the abilities of its students. This time around, you guys were valued to be worth 0. There’s nothing more than that.”

Chiyabashira-sensei talked mechanically, without any expression. My initial doubts after coming to my school were finally answered. The worst way possible, but answered nonetheless.

In other words, even though we were given a great advantage of 100,000 points at the beginning, our class D lost all of it in a single month.

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I heard the sound of a pencil on paper. Horikita was calmly trying to get the grasp of the situation as she noted the number of absences, tardies, and infractions of talking during class.

“Chiyabashira-sensei, I don’t remember ever hearing that explanation before…”