Online advertising make money plus WeChat

Online advertising make money plus WeChat

What transparent service? Don’t create concepts for me!

He only hid them because he did not want the salesmen to sell their products to make money. Don’t read too much into it!

Zhou Muyan clicked his tongue in wonder as he stood up. The three of them entered the digital zone.

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The sun shone through a full-length window, illuminating the entire space. It might be summer and it was very hot outside but the temperature of the air conditioner was very suitable. The warm sunlight made people feel very comfortable.

There were various Tengda’s digital products in the spacious and bright space, including G1 cell phones, Fully-Automated Smart Bickering Machine, smart fitness drying rack, and other products. They were all in different areas.

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There were obviously more people here than in the gaming experience area. Some customers were playing with G1 cell phones while others were bickering with the bickering machine. It was a harmonious scene.

Pei Qian felt depressed.

What were these people shopping for...

Apart from this cell phone, hadn’t everything else been released for a long time? Especially the bickering machine. Why did people still enjoy it?

Zhou Muyan walked to the counter of G1’s cell phone and played with it.

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Yao Bo was a little surprised. “Eh, aren’t you using this cell phone now?”

Zhou Muyan said, “So what? Playing with my own is not the same as playing with the shop.”

“Such a high-end experience shop has a special effect on these products. Look at this Fully-Automated Bickering Machine. It glows in the bright sunlight, and its appearance instantly appears to be a lot more high-end!”

“It stimulates shopping desires!”

“Is this also a transparent service? Not bad, not bad.”