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“Currently, there is a trend for such productions. This is the trend of polarization.

“Either make it very long and dry... or to make it short, highly-condensed, and attractive.

“The former is easy to accumulate fans, especially diehard fans, while the spreading effect of the latter was very terrifying!

“We obviously have to choose the latter.”

Liang Qingfan felt a little tangled after hearing it. What Director Zhu Xiaoce said made a lot of sense. This minimalist concept was indeed consistent with Boss Pei’s original intent of designing the Sloth Apartments.

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However... wouldn’t five minutes be too short?

“I agree with it, but wouldn’t these materials be wasted?” Liang Qingfan asked.

The cameraman recorded the entire process of transformation and used a drone to take aerial shots. The total footage was estimated to be two to three hours.

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Cut such long footage into a five-minute-long video? It seemed to be a little too prodigal.

Zhu Xiaoce shook his head. “It’s not wasted. The condensed amount is the essence. It was just like many high-end dishes in the nameless restaurants where expensive ingredients were used in the dishes. That is not a waste but to constantly improve.

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“What we are after is the final effect. A five-minute short video is definitely better than a forty-minute documentary!”

Liang Qingfan was convinced by Zhu Xiaoce and nodded. “Alright, let’s go with what Director Zhu said! You can contact me if you need any assistance.”

Zhu Xiaoce shook hands with Liang Qingfan. “Liang Qingfan, don’t worry. Boss Pei’s projects are all immortal. We’ll definitely help you to showcase this immortality in the video!”

Pei Qian took the car to Binhu District in the afternoon. Liang Qingfan was waiting downstairs.

“Boss Pei, please come in!”

Liang Qingfan was very proud to lead Pei Qian to the new Sloth Apartments that had been basically renovated.

In the past two days, Pei Qian had been very upset with Dayak Corporation’s 500 million yuan. He did not even care that he was still in his exams week. He immediately freed himself to arrange for Shang Yang Games to prepare for GOG’s global server to show Dayak Corporation some color.