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A word from Hirata was enough to shut down anything resembling an objection. This is the weight behind the words of the man who earns trust on a daily basis. It left everyone incapable of objecting.

"Also, we can't say that Class D has its best members. That's why our strategy should be seizing the initiative and securing our lead. How about that, Sudou-kun? Considering the rules too, I think we'd secure predominance if we can run ahead. If we can get the start right and if it's Sudou-kun, who runs fast, doing the overtaking then we may be able to gain some distance in one stroke. I'll maintain that lead and hand it over to the next student".

The ultimate relay where 12, including senior students as well, would have to start simultaneously.

Since lanes cannot be prepared for all 12, we'll have to start side-by-side.

The rule here is that you may take the inner lane from an opponent you have overtaken. In other words, the most crucial thing here is our initial positioning. If you can pull off a starting dash then you won't have to get caught up in a free-for-all.

"...well, no helping it. There's no other way if we want to win".

Sudou will go first. Hirata, whose speed is assured, will be going second.

After that, the three girls, including Kushida, will have their turn and in the end, it'll be my turn. We'll be going in this order. It appears even I have been given a higher evaluation compared to the girls since I was entrusted with the role of anchor.

As for the reason, they probably wanted to sandwich me in between the slower students. It saves me the trouble.

From across all school years and from across all classes, the chosen elites gather at the center of the grounds and amongst them the figures of the older Horikita as well as Nagumo of the 2nd years could be seen.

"I'll leave it to you, Sudou-kun!".

Hirata shouts and in the same vein, Kushida and the other runners also send shrill cheers flying Sudou's way. Sudou, looking determined, enters the course. It seems the 1st years have it good to a certain extent, since Class D is on the innermost lane. It's set up such that Class A of the 3rd years is on the outermost lane.

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Since there are three girls when it comes to the 3rd years, it can be said that we'll have an overwhelming starting advantage.

As excitement peaked, the last relay finally began.

Of course, Class D no longer has any chance of winning the sports festival but if we can obtain victory here, it may alter future events drastically. They must have had such a premonition.

Cheering voices came from our camp as well.

"That was close. A bit longer and I would have withdrawn".

"I suppose so. Miyake being injured was unexpected".