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I appeared behind Gregor in one step.


And drove in a powerful strike at point-blank range.

「First Sword – Flying Shadow!」

Jet-black slash gushed forth, and the cathedral was dyed totally『black』.

「What the hell is this ridiculous power…!? K-Kindle -〈Embers Cross〉!」

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The guy, who received a direct hit from Flying Shadow, developed his soul dress without being able to endure it and managed to somehow deflect the trajectory of the slash.

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The president’s whisper echoed throughout the cathedral. And when the dust cleared up,

「Bastard… Don’t think you’ll get an easy death!」

Gregor, bleeding from his forehead, glared at me with murderous intent.

「I’m not going to die here. And sorry, but I’m going to finish this quickly.」

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Thus, the death battle with Gregor Ash, the Thirteen Knights of the Oracle, began.

A gray substance gathered in front of Gregor who deployed his soul dress,〈Embers Cross〉.

「Is this…『ash』?」

It might be a heat-type or dry-type.

(It’s the first time I’m fighting against this type. I need to brace myself.)

At any rate, it’s a big advantage to have revealed the opponent’s ability from the beginning.

And above all.