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The biggest thing to take away from them- is something that they said. That sentence is revolving around my brain right now.

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“Go rob it. Don’t back down.”

“However, I’m not tolerant enough to look at my rival’s face while in a relationship.”

“It’s easy to prove your own feelings. Just-“

At this point, I opened my eyes again and got even closer to Tendou-san’s face.



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So, even though Tendou-san’s still confused, …she finally realized what’s about to happen and looked into my eyes. Then, she slowly closed hers.

I finally made up my mind when I saw her reaction.

Who cares whether everyone’s watching me? Who cares whether I’m in front of my friends? …More importantly, who cares if I’m in front of another girl that loves me?

Fearless. Ignorant. That’s how I’ll prove my feelings.

I thought I can at least “cover” our first date’s memories with an even happier one. So, I got close to her lips-


-Someone called my name right before I’m taking her lips.

Initially, I would’ve just ignored things like this and continued kissing. However-

-I can hear this voice right after I decided to do something. So, I answered this voice with unexpected sincerity. I turned back as if my brain forced me to.

At the same time, -suddenly, a certain “fatal mistake” ran across my brain like electricity.