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Maybe even if I was told that the world would disappear if I laughed, I would definitely laugh.

The rope which was rotated at high speed and he jumped with the butt. It was so fast that you can hear the banging of the Tre’ainar’s ass going Don Don on the ground.

I’ve already laughed and rolled around on the spot, and finally I’m even in tears.

「...... 【Super Great Demon Spiral】...」

「Hi, ha, haha, haha......heh?」

Suddenly, with the vacant voice of Tre’ainar, a huge shadow enveloped me as I was lying down.

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When I looked up, I saw... a humongous spiral... the size of a mountain...

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「Ah, umm, ma, master...」

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「The world of Vier is convenient... while you may feel pain... no matter my efforts, you will never perish...」

Even though he was smiling very much, he doesn’t evoke a speck of kindness, just a scary smile.

「No, no, wait, Tre’ainar! Oh, I did my best! Well, I endured it!? Besides, the butt jump is a foul! It shouldn’t count. No- count -no- count -no- count!」

「... tis already out at that point ... foolish disciple of mine...」

I did my best to endure laughing in my own way. But is there anyone in the world who wouldn’t laugh at the Great Demon King’s butt jump? So please forgive me for jumping ass.

But it seemed Tre’ainar wouldn’t be satisfied unless he completely annihilated me once, every last pound of flesh...