How to dubbing online

How to dubbing online

Subsequently, local investors had built a haunted house out of the ruins of the abandoned hospital. On the outside, the haunted house looked like a shabby, dilapidated asylum. There was no fixed path inside, and visitors were free to venture around.

The lighting and horrific scenes in the haunted house were apparently very realistic. Many staff would also dress up as ghosts and corpses, who would ‘interact’ with visitors.

It was said that two million US dollars had gone into creating this haunted house. Even if one knew their way around the asylum and sprinted from beginning to end, it would take them close to an hour to complete the entire journey.

If one got lost… how long they would take would depend on their luck.

One had to be above 21 years old to enter the haunted house. They would also have to undergo a simple test to ensure that they could handle the psychological stress. Visitors also had to produce a medical certificate from a doctor, certifying that they were healthy enough to enter the haunted house. Before entering, they would also have to sign a complete indemnity form.

All in all, this was a classic place to spend money in order to be tortured.

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The company was paying for this holiday; why were these people using the opportunity to court death? Of course, Bao Xu had no intention to follow suit.

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It was painful enough for him to go on another paid holiday, but it would be far more painful to go on a paid holiday to a haunted house!

He would much prefer seeing camels in the Sahara desert to scaring himself in a wretched place like that.

Still, Bao Xu did not give up. He asked, “What about the rest of your itinerary?” Lin Wan asked, “What do you mean by the rest of our itinerary?”

Bao Xu was astonished. “It’s a five-day holiday! The haunted house would only take one day, right? How about the other four days? Will you go shopping nearby?” Bao Xu thought that he could rest in the hotel if the rest were planning to go shopping. He would only have to suffer one day before resting in the luxurious hotel for four days. That sounded quite good.

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Lin Wan shook her head. “It’s such an exciting haunted house; how could we finish it in a day?! If we only catch glimpses of everything, we’ll surely forget it all by the time they get back.

“Isn’t Boss Pei providing an additional expense limit? I’m planning to do nothing else in those few days. I’ll keep buying entry tickets to the haunted house and experience it again and again. I’ll try to go three to four times each day; that’ll add up to thirteen or fourteen times in five days. Then, I would probably be able to form a lasting impression.

“By then, we would all be veterans of a hundred battles. We would be filled with inspiration to work on the horror game and haunted house!”

Bao Xu, “???”

He was completely shocked.