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"Hmm…… Well, that’s where we’ll leave things for today."

Karuizawa’s attitude was very lofty.

Since I've got her on the phone, I'm going to get this thing settled.

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"I want to ask you something now. You haven't had any interaction with those girls from Class C since the cruise, correct?"

"…Well, yeah, it hasn't been an issue. At least for now."

Her tone dropped a notch or two. For Karuizawa, this was an event she didn't want to bring up.

"I think I have taken the appropriate countermeasures, but if anything happens, you must let me know immediately. Even if you've been violently threatened to stay quiet, as long as you tell me, I'll fix the problem right away.”

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Karuizawa clearly held her breath over the phone. Were my words a bit too strong?

"......I know. What else should I say? If I’m not useful to you, it will become very troublesome for me..."

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In order to survive in this school, Karuizawa must hold on to her current status no matter what.

To do this, she must first completely seal off the characters who know the truth about her.

However, it is impossible for the girls from Class C to understand the entire situation in the first place. The problem lies with Ryūen who works behind them. Depending on the situation, I may end up having to attack him instead.

No, I'm afraid that moment is almost certainly approaching.

"So, back on the topic of Satō, what do you intend to do? Because you exchanged contact information, there's a possibility things will move to the next level, right?”

"I'm taking a reserved attitude with it. At least, I don't know anything about Satō... I may never even be contacted by her."