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Clown-san nervously brought up a new topic.

「A favour…?」

「Yes… I would like to ask you not to speak a word of this overseas trip. That also includes the director, Leia-san, too.」

「Why… is that?」

「Um, how to say this…? If a matter like this goes public, the『system reception』will suffer greatly.」

「System reception? Aa, that’s what it is…」

The only system he can mean here is the『special trainee system』.

This system we used was newly established this year. Its purpose is to absorb excellent students.

However, if rumors such as『special trainees are flown to dangerous conflict zones』spread, the number of applicants will decrease significantly.

If that happens, the system itself may collapse, and the worst case, it could cause students to lose interest in becoming a Holy Knight.

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Clown-san seems to fear that.

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「It’s very hard to ask this, being the one who perpetrated it, but… please don’t speak a word regarding Dagrio to anyone.」Clown san said, bowing his head again.

…Since he’s going this far, there’s no helping it.

Also, I don’t think there will be any major problem in keeping Dagrio a secret

That case is an exception among exceptions.

This surely won’t happen again in the future.

「Haa… I understand.」