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Lin Wan said, “Don’t interrupt first. Let Boss Pei talk about the entire project before commenting.”

Lin Chang :”...”

Obviously, Lin Wan was seriously considering the feasibility of the VR game project. After some consideration, she said, “Boss Pei, what kind of VR game should we create then? A first-person shooting game? Interactive movie game? A simple strategic game should work as well.”

“Considering the characteristics of the VR equipment, making a first-person shooting game would definitely be the best choice.”

Compared to computers, VR did not have the advantage in many aspects because of its immature technology. For example, resolution, operations, dizziness, and other problems had to be resolved.

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The only advantage was immersion.

Therefore, first-person shooting games and interactive movie games would obtain an experience that far exceeds that of computer games. It was more difficult for strategic games. They could only do games that had simple operations and did not have complicated content. All of them might possess the omniscient view, but the omniscient view under the VR mode would be more shocking than from the computer. It could be barely done.

Pei Qian fell silent for a short while.

They might actually be able to make a name for themselves if it was a first-person shooting or an interactive movie game.

That was because the one would aim with the controller in a first-person shooting game. It might be able to create a masterpiece that players would brag about if coupled with a strong immersion and a terrifying atmosphere.

Interactive movie games might not be as exciting as shooting games, but if the plot was done well, the immersion of VR games could be maximized. What’s more, interactive movie games had fewer operations and smoother perspectives, which was more in line with VR characteristics.

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The success rate of these two types of games seemed too high. They should not make them!

The probability of success for real-time strategy games might seem low, but he had just learnt the lesson of Mission and Choice. Pei Qian did not want to think about it as he had some PTSD for such games.

Pei Qian waved his hand. “That’s not appropriate.”

“The game genres that you are talking about would not be effective if the size is small. It would be difficult to support the equipment if the size is large.”

“After all, the equipment has not been developed yet. I’m not sure how high the resolution can be. Most of the games that you mentioned are realistic. They need more graphics to be effective.”

Lin Wan nodded, thinking that Boss Pei was right.

This was especially true for interactive movie games. If the audience saw a bunch of mosaics, it would definitely severely affect the game experience.