Online WeChat make money scam bought lottery ticket

Online WeChat make money scam bought lottery ticket

“As long as the sample is big enough, from the perspective of the entire gamers, it would definitely be a loss. On the other hand, the game developers would not need to operate in secret. They would definitely profit.”

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“However, everyone feels that they would be the lucky one. That’s why they were cheated time and time again.”

Qiao Liang explained everything in the video, showing off his game and probability knowledge.

That included the difference between ‘fake probability’ and ‘real probability’ in the game, the internal logic and operation mode of ‘fake probability’, and so on.

The core argument was that the lucky draw was actually a disguised promotional event. In fact, it made use of people’s mentality of wanting to reap without sowing. Through probability, a portion of players would bear the losses of another portion of players while the game merchants benefited from it.

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No matter how much it looked like a good deal or how much it was discounted, as long as it still fit the basic characteristics of the traditional lucky draw rules, the final outcome would be that the players would suffer and the merchants would benefit.

The bullet screen comments were filled with exclamations.

“I learnt something!”

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“Brothers, put your protection on the public chat!”

“As a former employee of the games industry, what Old Qiao said is true. In fact, the lucky draw is nothing more than making use of people’s mentality to earn money without working hard. No matter whether you are a Godd*mn lucky winner or an unlucky player, in fact, the one who would earn in the end would be the game merchant. What’s more, the real rules of the lucky draw are never purely real probabilities. Instead, they are fake probabilities that have been calculated by the system designers to ensure that most players’ final results are within expectations. It’s really the same sentence: You might make a small profit, but I will never make a loss!”

“Is Old Qiao going to offend all the game developers in the country? How many games are there that don’t do lucky draws? Everyone knows that lucky draws earn money quickly. This is cutting off one’s path to wealth!”

“After watching this video, I decisively held back my hand that wanted to draw the lucky draw. There is one thing that is right. People who like to draw the lucky draw do not like the prizes inside at all, but the feeling of drawing something good.”