What is online voting?

What is online voting?

I kept using the same moves. I knew that this isn’t fun for both parties, but I really need to take my anger out on someone right now.

“Well, to be honest, she’ll immediately figure out a way to close in our distance anyway…”

This tactic is pretty cliché. Games nowadays will more or less consider the balance. So, if this isn’t an invincible strategy, professionals can easily breakthrough this cheap move. It was supposed to be like this.

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Surprisingly, the teddy bear can’t attack smoothly. Thanks to this, I was able to chip away 1/3 of my opponent’s HP.

At this stage, I can’t help but feel baffled.

The big pretence for me to use this tactic is that it’ll be countered within a few seconds, so I feel pretty insecure when it looks like I’m dominating over her.

“Don’t tell me this game doesn’t consider balance at all. If that’s the case…”

I stopped spamming my attacks. Suddenly-


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The bear broke through the stalemate and started rapidly closing in with its agility and defence.

“Shit, she knew how to combat this all along!”

I immediately switched the energy ball to a melee move, but the teddy bear blocked all my attacks spectacularly.

Right away, my character lost a bunch of HP as it was punched repeatedly by the teddy bear with its melee attacks.

“Crap, she’ll win if this continues!”

I can tell she is a veteran from her smooth actions. I’ll lose if she hits me a couple more times with this distance. Although I’m prepared for this outcome…


The teddy bear moved away from my character again, I still don’t understand what the girl is trying to pull off. Is she underestimating me? But, she’s showing off her incredible skills after we started fighting again. She’s obviously giving it her all.

We repeated this strange style of fighting for a couple times. Of course, I lost the first round. The teddy bear is jumping happily on the screen.