What can I do for twenty years?

What can I do for twenty years?

On the one hand, it reflected on the inefficiency of her work; on the other hand, it reflected her lack of understanding.

She had to work harder!

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This document was really useful!

She replied hurriedly. “Thank you, this document is a great help! Is this something you came up with?”

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Hao Yun replied immediately, “It wasn’t me, but one of the staff from our department who had just passed the Tengda spirit test.

“There’s no need to thank me. This is a return gift for the feedback given by that employee previously!

“The employee in our department hopes to guide the new employees in the other departments so that they could better understand the Tengda spirit and truly integrate into the big family of Tengda as soon as possible!

“However, this document should not be circulated. It should be kept as part of the company’s secrets. “I think that this document should only be stored on the person-in-charge’s computer and needed multiple-layer encryption.”

“Only those hardworking staff that we think are qualified to learn about the Tengda spirit should understand these contents!”

Li Yada suddenly understood. “Okay, I understand, thank you very much!”

Three people in the gaming department had passed in the first test, but there would definitely be more newcomers who have to go through the Tengda Spirit compatibility test. Such a document would be very important when the time came!

Hao Yun passed this document to the persons-in-charge of the other departments instead of sending it directly through the intranet. Obviously, she felt that this document was just a one-sided opinion and might not necessarily represent the opinions of Boss Pei.

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Boss Pei might be enraged if rumors or misunderstandings were to arise or if someone were to interfere with the Tengda Spirit compatibility test.

Therefore, it should only be circulated within a small circle of people and shouldn’t be leaked to everyone.

Li Yada decided that she would show an employee this document to comprehend the Tengda spirit if that employee was about to be eliminated and she liked this person very much.

That was equivalent to having a good guide for those who were temporarily lost and was searching for a path.