Write a novel from the Internet?

Write a novel from the Internet?

Walking away, Pei Qian was left scratching his head.

‘Who... is that girl?’

‘She seemed to have been present at the sharing session earlier.’

‘She must be some new employee of Sun Strike Studios then...’

Pei Qian was not too bothered.

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Pei Qian’s group spent a total of five days in Guangzhou visiting various gaming companies.

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However, all them were inferior compared to Sun Strike Studios.

The initial passion of Xiao Lu and the rest was slowly turning into boredom.

Weren’t they supposed to be here to expand their horizons and learn more?

They had thought that Guangzhou was a hot spot for the domestic games industry and that the companies here would be amazing. Yet, none of them seemed decent!

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They were one worse than the other!

The best one amongst them was Sun Strike Studios which they had visited on the first day.

Everyone had thought that the working environment at Sun Strike Studios was bad enough only to find out later on that the other gaming companies were even worse! Their image of the gaming companies in Guangzhou was dragged down even further.

By the time the fifth day arrived, no one had the mood to visit and learn from any other company anymore.

Some of them wanted to go shopping for local produce.