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Online selling red wine platform to sell money?

At the rate things were going, it would probably be able to be officially released at the end of this month and meet the players.

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Eternal Reincarnation was just a downloadable content. It contained a large number of scenes and monsters in Repent and be Saved. However, it had made some minor adjustments.

In the plot of Repent and be Saved, the protagonist was an ordinary person. He slaughtered his way into the six realms of rebirth and existence and hell. The process was extremely difficult.

In the plot of Eternal Reincarnation, the protagonist was a Martial God. He relied on his superb skills to enter hell and become the first Prison Keeper.

Eternal Reincarnation was equivalent to a prequel story. The setting was the same as Repent and be Saved, but the prequel world looked more orderly. The protagonist was a disruptor of this order. The main story of Repent and be Saved would look more sinister, chaotic, and despairing. The protagonist was a struggling Dao Seeker.

That led to a conclusion: all art resources could be highly replicated.

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For example, he could modify the scenes in the original work, change the style, and adjust the route. Then, he could use them as a prequel.

The monsters in the original work could be turned into monsters or NPCs in the previous novels with a few new skills and movements.

If it was in other games, this behavior could be summarized in one word: changing the skin.

In fact, many games had such a phenomenon. There was a green-skinned brother at the front and a red-skinned brother at the back. However, the red-skinned brother’s skills were much better.

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After all, the game and resources were limited. It would be too wasteful to only use one monster once. It would not hurt to use it a few more times. As long as it was done well and did not make players feel like it was too repetitive, it would be enough.

How could he be lazy when it came to game design? That was project resource control.