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Given that it wouldn’t be strange if everything came to a standstill at this point, Shiina played the very important role of making use of the advice that Ishizaki had received from Ryūen.

She worked diligently to ensure that her class would be matched against Class B.

In a private conversation with Kaneda, she subtly guided him to come to the conclusion that Class B was their best choice.

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However, that didn’t mean the problem had been resolved.

Shiina herself was well aware that, without any leadership, Class D’s chances of winning would be as thin as paper if they were to face off against Class B right now. She knew that falling behind, even slightly, would lead to defeat.

So that very same day, after the class matchups had been decided, Shiina immediately put a certain plan into action.

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“Dammit. What should we do…?”

Inside a rented room at the Karaoke parlor, Ishizaki vented his frustration.

“Dunno. Why exactly did you call me here again? What kinda group is this?”

Ibuki glared at Ishizaki before proceeding to give Shiina a similarly harsh look, who was seated right beside him.

“How shall we put it… This is Ishizaki-kun and his merry band of friends?”

Ibuki slouched down in her seat as she glared at Shiina for her silly answer.

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“Haa… My head hurts.”

“As the three people who best understand the current situation, I think we’ll be able to come up with some ideas by gathering up like this. Manjushri speaks to three, as they say.”

“Man Juice speaks to Thee? Heh. What’s that about?”

“You said that on purpose didn’t you?”