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The small screen had a green screen for now. An ordering menu would be created with post-production special effects. This small screen would loop various food advertisements when it was not used to order food.

This scene was simple as well. The male lead would receive his relief meal for the day when it was time for food. Watching the various delicacies looping on the small screen while he consumed his relief meal spelled nothing but tragic.

Lu Zhiyao sat by the dining table and looked at the food outlet numbly.

It had become a routine at fixed timings so Lu Zhiyao had no expectations at all.

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The mouth of the food outlet opened with a ‘click’. A package that looked presentable dropped out of the meal outlet onto the dining table.

Lu Zhiyao tore the seal—which seemed to be foil-expressionlessly, exposing the black and white powder within.

“What is inside?” Pei Qian asked quietly.

“Milk powder and chocolate powder,” Zhu Xiaoce replied in the same manner.

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Pei Qian nodded. “That’s fine.”

This sh*t is at least edible. It seemed like he did not need to give Lu Zhiyao more money.

Lu Zhiyao took the tray and brought it to the water receiving port next to him to add warm water to it. He then stirred it evenly with the small spoon provided in the tray. Of course, the entire process was mundane and meaningless.

He then picked up the spoon and fed himself mouthful by mouthful.

Lu Zhiyao was staring at the small screen next to him while eating. It might be a green screen now, all kinds of cool delicacies would be advertised on it in the special effects during later stages.

Lu Zhiyao watched the green screen with a different gaze. His eyes showed a yearning for these delicacies and some subconscious little actions such as swallowing saliva and licking his lips.

“The expression just now was too much. You watch these advertisements every day according to the plot. There is no need for such a big reaction, just show some instinctive reactions to delicious food.

“It was great otherwise. Ok, let’s start

Director Zhu Xiaoce would point out the parts he felt were inappropriate immediately. Lu Zhiyao did his best to cooperate.