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“First names uh?…come to think of it, what is Horikita’s first name?”

Sudō naturally asks me if I know it.

“It’s Tomiko. Horikita Tomiko.”

“Mhm Tomiko…it’s a cute name. As expected, the feeling is perfect.”

“Ah no, I was wrong. It was Suzune”

“You little…do not make more mistakes. Suzune uh? It feels perfect like Tomiko, but 100 millions times more”

Whether Horikita’s name is Sadako or Sam, it would be selfish to feel it or say it without permission.

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“During this summer vacation, I will also call you by your first name. Suzune, Suzune…”

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Well, it seems like the boys want to get closer to the girls during this vacation.

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Meanwhile, none of the boys calls me by my first name nor I call them with theirs.

“That’s right. Hey look here, Ayanokoji. You made me try practicing. Now you practice saying Suzune’s name too”

“Practice? Why? Practice, you say…That’s not normal”.

You can’t do something like practicing saying a person’s name… unless you do it before the person himself.

Don’t tell me that the simple-minded Sudō intends to make me out to be an imaginary Horikita.

He was staring at me intensely.

Probably because he’s imagining the opposite sex, but that gaze is awfully gross.

“Say, Horikita, you got a minute? I need to talk to you a little”

“I’m not Horikita”