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“I’m not sure. I’ve never really paid attention to Karuizawa after all.”

I don’t know what Airi’s thinking but that answer is all I can give.

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“Well, I suppose that’s true~ Anyways, Karuizawa-san aside, the problem is that Hirata-kun is now free.”

Haruka deliberately changed the topic back to Hirata.

“Quite a lot of girls in our class like Hirata-kun. I wonder what’s going to happen.”


“Ehh- You didn’t notice? For example, Mii-chan definitely likes him.”

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“ that you mention it, she looks over at Hirata-kun from time to time.”

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“Right, right?”

Keisei took out his notebook, perhaps because he’s grown tired of the romance talk.

“I’ll study.”

“Ahh, it’s almost our end-of-year exam… I just remembered something depressing.”

“I need to come up with something for Haruka and the others to use as well.”

Haruka lowered her head towards the table as though bowing.

Chabashira didn’t give us any explanation in particular regarding the end-of-year exam. In other words, it’s going to be a written exam as usual.

If a student gets a failing grade, they’ll be expelled immediately. That’s probably how it’ll be.

“Around when do we start up our study group?”