Various money games

Various money games

(It was clear in the first act that simultaneous slashes like Yatagarasu does not work against Circle Style…)

It will surely be defended with『Wind Circle』again.

In that case, much faster, much heavier, much sharper.

All I have to do is unleash such sharpened slashes consecutively…!


「Waa, too fast, wai…!?」

Following the bombardment of the consecutive attacks, senpai’s stance was gradually thrown out of order.

And a momentary opening presented itself.

I unleashed a thrust aimed at that opening.

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「Hyaa…!? Da-Dangerous…!?」

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Her wooden sword blocked my thrust at the very last minute.

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That was a little disappointing.

I had reacted at the last minute, but if my thrust was a fraction of a second earlier… It would’ve surely landed on her shoulder.

However, I won’t miss the next one.

If it’s the next – I can break through!

And when I assumed a forward-bent position – she spoke.