How to send something to the Internet to make money

How to send something to the Internet to make money

After they tried it, they found out that the game really did have conscience!

While there was indeed an in-game market, the only item on sale was a permanent membership card fixed at 30 yuan!

Most other card games would include purchase options for energy, stage challenge counts and card draws et cetera, but Ghost General did not have that!

Which meant to say that the gamers would be going through an almost identical gameplay experience without any distinction between the free gamers and the whales!

Even the only in-game purchasable item was a membership card that cost a mere 30 yuan!

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That was equivalent to a single refill card for Fantasy World and what’s more, it was permanent!

Chen Qi was shocked.

He could not believe it!

As a famous game concept artist domestically, he was working for a top domestic game company and was a professional operating within the field.

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While he was in charge of the aesthetics aspect, he had some knowledge about game design as well.

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In-game purchasable items were the main source of profit for card games where many whales would top up in the ball park of hundreds or even thousands. A single whale would be equivalent to a couple hundreds of normal players.

That paywall model had originated from Qute Three Kingdoms and indeed, the in-game purchases of that game was the envy of many game companies.

Naturally, there were many gamers who would accuse that game of being corrupted.

But, which game company would pit themselves against money?