What is the most profitable online Taobao

What is the most profitable online Taobao

Rather than emphasize the impending threat of expulsion, I dropped Horikita’s name, the most effective buzzword to spurn Ibuki into taking action.

“I get it… I’ll trade with you. But, how much do you want from me?”

With what she had on hand now, Ibuki would run out of food in a little less than two days.

However, if I were to ask for just a few meager scraps, it wouldn’t exactly be a fair trade, now would it?

“Half of your remaining food. That should be enough.”

“Only that much?”

“It’s at least better than sustaining myself by eating random weeds.”

Just like that, we finalized the trade and exchanged the food for water.

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As soon as Ibuki had one of the bottles in hand, she popped off the cap and downed about half of it all in one go. Normally, I would’ve told her to try and conserve it, but considering that she was already suffering from dehydration, I felt it better for her to be hydrating herself as soon as possible.

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Apparently, she didn’t like me seeing this side of her, as her usual sharp, pointed look quickly returned.

Even if her physical condition were to improve somewhat, her state of mind clearly wasn’t normal right now. She had been subjected to a great deal of stress with no time to relax, left with no choice but to try and come to terms with her situation.

I couldn’t help but wonder how much longer she’d be able to hold out.

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Would it be a few hours, or a few days? Hopefully, she’d be able to persevere until the very end.

Ibuki and I had different Tables, so once we parted ways, we probably wouldn’t meet again until after the exam was over.

As such, I felt like I should at least say something more here, for what it was worth.