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money & markets

「W-What is this…?」

The huge beaker in front of me was filled with a transparent orange liquid, and a bluish stone floating in it.

「…It’s a very uncomfortable place.」

Beyond Rose’s gaze, there was a water storage tank-like mysterious machine that emitted sounds like an electrocardiograph.

「Fumu… It looks like they were doing research on spirit pills here.」

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Leia-sensei picked up a bluish ore and muttered so.

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As we continued straight through the dim laboratory which was filled with stagnant air, we encountered five people who looked like researchers.

「Y-You’re… Black Fist!?」

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「Thor-sama and Zack-sama… have been defeated…!?」

「Aa… It’s over…」

They started cowering in fear when they saw Leia-sensei.

「I guess I don’t need to introduce myself. Now, I’m going to get straight to the point. Where’s Ria Vesteria? I don’t mind even if you resist, but you’ll just experience pain is all…」