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“Ehhhh, Tasuku~~ Help Aguri catch that plushiel~~”

Aguri whined as she tugged at my sleeve, and I couldn’t help turning my head back with a pouting face.

A girl who appeared dull witted at a glance was looking up at me. She had a light tan, and her hair was dyed a faded orange. But thanks to her face and body figure, she was cute on the whole and her skills in appealing to men was top notch.

I tried putting on airs, but Aguri ignored that completely. She forcefully pulled me to the Claw Crane Game and pointed with her finger, saying: “That one, that one!”

“Ehhh, doesn’t that look sick?”

“... Ah~~ totally sick.”

Sick in a negative way. There were many cute kittens inside the Claw Crane Machine… Various plush toys that had weird changes to the usual design of the kittens, some had two long legs, others were full of muscles.

Even though I felt they were ‘sick’, but from the way Aguri squealed excitedly, her definition of ‘sick’ was probably opposite from mine… Instead of ‘ugly cute’, wasn’t ‘normal cute’ better? Or was my sense of aesthetic behind the current times?

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I rubbed my neck lazily.

“... You want me to catch that one?”

“Yes! Because Tasuku is cheekily skilled in games!”

“What cheekily skilled…?”

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I couldn’t help snickering. My gaming skill is much better than Aguri’s but I didn’t play much games before her at all. I think she saw me played fighting games a couple of times, so she thought I was ‘cheekily good’. Thinking that I was good with Claw Crane Machine because of that, was how people who don’t usually touch games would feel.

“Tasuku~~ catch it for me okay~~”

“Well, I don’t mind catching it… So, the hundred yen?”

“... Tasuku~~ C-Catch it for me.”

Aguri played it off with a smile. T-This girl…!