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「Thank you.」

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After we both finished our preparations, the student who served the position of referee, announced.

「From here, we are going to hold the match, Silty-Rosette vs Allen-Rodore! Both participants, please come to the center of the gymnasium!」

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Silty-senpai and I, headed to the center of the gymnasium as beckoned by the referee.

「Both participants, are you ready? Well then – START!」

At the same time as the start of the match was declared, Silty-senpai and I both assumed Seigan no Kamae.



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As we both sank into silence, it was time to analyze her.

From senpai’s body build and form. I analyzed her『sword’s』forte.

(Her developed thighs can be seen even from over the club uniform… I have to pay special attention for the thrust that comes out of that leg power, and also her Iai slash…)

And there’s another point to be worried about.

(…The center of gravity is flowing slightly behind)

Perhaps senpai’s sword is a『defensive sword』 – with defense as the main axis and aims for a counter.

When most of the analysis was over, I spoke.

「…Senpai, aren’t you going to come?」