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Konoha-san’s eyes grew watery. I continued to her warmly.

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“Desu desu, indeed, Konoha-san admires Chiaki as much as I do.”


“Right? You want Chiaki’s-“

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I clenched my fist and yelled loudly.

“-ability to make a plastic bag into an RPG protagonist!”

“I don’t need that, okay!?”

Konoha-san immediately denied it. I blinked my eyes in confusion. She continued dumbfoundedly.

“T-That’s why I can’t deal with strange fanatic creator fans like you…!”

“Eh? Well, even though I’m her no.1 fan. …But, Konoha-san, that’s a protagonist made of plastic bags? A strange mindset like this should be admired by everyone, not just fans, right?”

“I don’t. In the end, I didn’t even play onee-chan’s game.”

“What…? Please play that masterpiece, <Plastic Life>! Every time I thought about how the plastic bags ended up, …ah, I’m about to cry.”

“What’s wrong with a plastic bag making people cry? …Ah, don’t tell me it reincarnates into new plastic products after getting thrown into the recycle bin?”

“Huh!? H-How did you know that…!? Y-You two are really sisters…”

“Anyway, that game has a lot of excellent parts except the ending. Whether it’s the BGM beatboxed by the author or the insanely harsh setting or the fact that he can’t take any hits because he’s a plastic bag. Also, the final boss is the US army. …It’s an explosively NOBE game! Phew, that’s amazing!”

“Senpai, senpai, I’m sorry to interrupt you. But we were talking about my feelings for onee-chan, right? Did you remember that?”

Konoha-san answered me dumbfoundedly. I answered naturally.

“Think about it. Normally, you would want those feelings to the point that your hand comes out of your throat, right?”

“I don’t need those feelings to the point that I’m throwing them up. It’s not like that. The one thing that I can’t ever match my onee-chan is-“