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How to identify the online sub-industry to make money scam

I was trying my best to cheer up…However, as if the two are trying to add insult to injury, they started a continuous attack on me.

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“Yep. Indeed, we really need to quickly ‘end’ this part.”

“Yeah. I feel terrible for Tendou-san if we’re hiding everything away from her.”

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“Yes. I also hope that I can maintain a relationship built on trust’ with the person I’m dating with.”

“Right. I also wish ‘the person that’s important to me’ can keep it that way. I really hoped that.”


Then, the distance became further, and I can no longer hear what they’re saying.

No, even if I heard a voice, I think I can’t interpret it as a conversation.

This is because my heart is already totally messed up at that point.

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(Eh? What is this? Ugh, so, why are they…)

I wrapped my legs behind the globe and started pondering it non-stop. However, …no matter how hard I’m thinking, thinking, and thinking, …I can only reach one conclusion.

The interpretation is just like…when I’ve heard.

(Amano-kun and Hoshinomori-san started dating. So, they’re going to end this with me soon.)



I screamed at the top of my lungs as I stood up. Amano-kun and Hoshinomori-san seem to be so far ahead that they didn’t realize I’m here. However-


-In comparison, I didn’t realize that another couple saw me while climbing down the hill. They were totally freaked out…Ay, I guess the reaction is normal if a hysterical blonde hair girl suddenly appearing from behind the celestial globe while screaming…Come to think of it, I still feel like I did something terrible to them. I’m sorry, but I hope that it’s not going to be turned into an urban legend in the future.

Anyway, I quickly apologized to the couple and ran as if I’m trying to escape. The tears that have been building in my eyes were blown away by the wind and sparkling behind.