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Is there anything possible online to make money?

A little, no, I’m plenty worried, but…

Since they stubbornly insist on not being『afraid』, there’s nothing I can do about it.

「We’ve read the instruction, so let’s continue on.」

I pointed to the only door in the room.

「Y-Yeah, yes!」

「Aa, r-right…!」

Then, I slowly opened the door.

Beyond that point was a narrow passage with black curtains on the left and right.

Light blue lighting illuminates the floor and shows the direction.

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「He-hee… Q-Qu-Qu-Quite a nice atmosphere isn’t it… Well, I’m not afraid at all, though…」

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「R-Right… The president and senpais did a pretty good job… I’m also not afraid at all though…」

「Ahaha, it certainly has a good atmosphere.」

I took a step forward, smiling at their brave front -『click』- the sound of a lock was heard from behind.


Ria and Rose let out a shriek and tried to open the door behind us.

However, the door was locked and could no longer be opened.