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I’m wrapping my hands around my head on the table as I sweated profusely during the break.

(W-What’s happening!? I thought I could look forward to Valentine’s Day a little after meeting a couple girls this year. …I didn’t expect this to go the complete opposite way! My stomach’s starting to hurt really bad since yesterday!)

N-No, in reality, I didn’t think about Valentine’s Day at all until a couple days ago. After all, this festival has nothing to do with me. However, …come to think of it…

(…Not getting any chocolate hurts way harder than last year!)

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I’m not getting any chocolate despite knowing more than one girl. …Doesn’t this show how worthless I am as a person!?

Compared to not getting chocolate because girls hate me, not getting chocolate because I’m a loner is much better!

I hugged my head alone as I remembered the excuse I mumbled to myself many times since yesterday.

(I-It’s okay. No matter what, it’s a trend for people to get obligatory chocolate these days. I’m sure that even a guy like me can-)

“Hey, Uehara. Here’s your early obligatory chocolate this year.”

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“Oh, thanks, Mika!”


I can’t help but raise my head after hearing the cheerful chatter that echoed across the classroom. -Mika-san, one of the girls in Uehara-kun’s circles, is right in front of me. She handed him a self-made chocolate waffle. Also…

“Hey, here, Inamoto, Kitami. Also, …Kimura. Here’s your chocolate!”