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“Lay not up for yourselves treasures upon earth,” says Jesus to His disciples and his precept is illustrated by His example. Your life must not be limited by money. Earthly treasures may be stolen or destroyed. Money-making may hinder laying up treasures in heaven, “For where thy treasure is, there will thy heart be also.”

Christians are essentially heavenly in character and life and so Paul says, “Our citizenship is in heaven.” They are industrious, economical, thrifty and enterprising but their life 8 centers in the spiritual and the wealth they possess is owned and used, not for themselves alone, but for their families and neighbors, their friends and even their enemies, the Church and nation.

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Jesus declares that men must have the light of God and singleness of eye in order to see. Men must learn to see as God sees. No man can serve two masters, God and Mammon, only two being mentioned for there are no more. God sees men as they are and is never in doubt while men get things mixed up and try to do opposites. They think of food and raiment when they ought to think of God’s kingdom and His righteousness. They ought to put first things first in order to get other things in their proper place.

Of course there are people who dislike those who see as God sees and do as Christ directs but good people are not on this account to give away holy things and cast aside the pearls they possess. Good people have a right to be good even if “the dogs” and “the swine” have no appreciation of the higher things of life. The continued possession of “pearls” and “that which is holy” has the approval of Jesus.

He even commands his followers to ask of God who knows what is best for them and who is described as 9 “your Father” when it comes to giving to them. He wishes to be asked for what they want and gives “good things” in answer to their requests. This is information every child of God should have because it comes from the lips of Jesus and is inside information as regards God’s will as set forth in his word and also with reference to our own personal experience.

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Money outclassed

When Jesus sent forth the twelve as described in the tenth chapter they were to proclaim the kingdom of heaven, to heal the sick, to raise the dead, to cleanse the lepers and cast out demons, a remarkable program, which they were to carry out with no gold or silver or brass in their purses. They were to preach without pay, serve without salary, minister without money. They were to outclass money, the medium of exchange, which bears the stamp of some established government. They were to take rank among men by doing benevolent work under divine direction and with divine assistance.

They were instructed to rely upon the people for the supply of their ordinary needs. No one was permitted to burden himself with two coats and thus belie his message and his Master. Their moral earnestness was to be maintained under all circumstances 10 and in case any refused to receive them or hear their words they were to shake off the dust of their feet for a testimony against them.

“If God’s truth is to succeed,” says Dr. Gregg, “it must incarnate itself: if God’s cause is to win a victory it must embody itself in a person.” Men must be the truth in order to preach the truth in its purity and power. Ministers must be sent by Christ, receive authority from him, follow his program, outclass money and take rank among men as his representatives.

A Teacher Taught

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Peter’s mistake with reference to payment of the temple tax which is recorded in the seventeenth of Matthew was not the only mistake Peter made. There were others and all were corrected, the correction in this case being memorable if not also unforgettable.

Peter promised payment without consulting Jesus. He thought he knew what Jesus would do in the case and to confess ignorance would lower him in the estimation of those who received the tax. But Peter had failed to consider the fact that as the Son in the house of his Father Jesus was free. Jesus points out Peter’s error as a friend who will not allow his mistake to be incorporated in his 11 thought and life only to vitiate both.

Jesus takes account also of those who received the tax for they were not prepared to receive his explanation. His miraculous power is called into service to relieve the situation. And why not? Is not his Sonship called in question? He directs Peter where and how to get the required shekel. For a little while Peter returns to his former occupation but his skill as a fisherman is supplemented by the superior knowledge and power of Christ and so when he makes payment it is “for me and thee” because Peter’s position is not the same as that of the Master.

Our Lord is careful where men are inclined to be careless. Trifles may make the sum of life but life is no trifle. “You may be too superb to pay attention to the small debt due your neighbor,” says Dr. Deems, “but God is so great that he can pay attention to the least of things.” Matthew’s four verses concerning a matter of thirty-three cents have their place and their use in scripture. We soon lose sight of the half shekel and center our thoughts upon Christ, who corrects Peter so faithfully, who respects the feelings of those who receive the tax and who even takes account of us at this distance by giving us this minute view of himself. Little things like this reveal the 12 greatness of our Lord and just such touches confirm Prof. Stalker’s statement that “the pagan world not only never produced one holy man but never drew the picture of one.”

God in the Case

In the nineteenth chapter we find these words from the lips of Jesus: “It is hard for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven. It is easier for a camel to go through a needle’s eye, than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God.” He is stating a thing that is impossible and the disciples ask in amazement, “Who then can be saved?” Their question calls forth His answer, “With men this is impossible; but with God all things are possible.” Men can be reconstituted but this requires divine assistance. As Canon Westcot has said, “Jesus established fresh foundations for society and a fresh standard of individual worth.”

Is it still hard for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven? As hard as ever and absolutely impossible as long as he makes riches his object in life, as long as he compromises with evil for a consideration, as long as he ruins competitors in business in order to create a monopoly. But does the Church know what Jesus meant to teach? Yes, if it knows itself and its duty, which is “to show to the world its 13 chief concern is morality, not money; principles, not profits; the faith of the crucified Christ, not the favors of men who have accumulated fortunes without righteousness.”