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Cold-Faced Lady’s development had always been good. If it continued to develop according to this script, with a few more rounds of financing, it might expand rapidly and become a legend of wealth for Chinese fast food.

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In the end, no one expected Boss Pei to suddenly do something like that while the Cold-Faced Lady seemed to be still doing well.

Meng Chang had been trying to ride on Tengda’s popularity but he managed to screw it up.

Even so, many investors in Beijing did not believe in Boss Pei’s investment myth. They felt that this was a good opportunity to enter at a low price.

Xue Zhebin asked again, “So, Meng Chang isn’t in a good situation now?”

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Li Shi nodded. “Very bad.”

“If Boss Pei sells all of his shares at a lower price, he would definitely be able to find someone to take over. However, the problem is that the money will not enter Meng Chang’s hands.”

“In other words, based on the rate that the Cold-Faced Lady is burning money now, Meng Chang has to continue thinking of ways to find money.”

“However, the problem is that those who don’t believe in Boss Pei and want to invest in the Cold-Faced Lady would choose to buy shares from Boss Pei. After all, they are cheap and are value for money. Those who believe in Boss Pei would not invest at this juncture.”

“In other words... for a long time to come, no investors would hand the money directly to Meng Chang. Cold-Faced Lady might not be able to obtain the financing they need. There might be problems with liquidity.”

“Of course, this is just my guess. If Meng Chang really had other channels to get the money, Boss Pei’s withdrawal would not have much of an impact.”

“If Cold Faced Lady’s shop has really made profits, Meng Chang can also choose to tighten his belt and reduce the expenses. It should be able to survive as long as they do not need to spend so much money on marketing...”