How can I have a lot of money online?

How can I have a lot of money online?

His unintentional burning of money had become an inexplicable closed loop!

First, he had thought of creating a snack market to stop the Cold-Faced Lady from expanding. Then, Liang Qingfan had thought of buying shops half a street away.

Yet, Boss Li had set his sights on it for some reason. Boss Li knew that something big was going to happen, and he immediately invested in it without any hesitation.

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Then, Boss Li told a few core employees about this. One of them told his parents that he happened to be Pei Qian’s mother’s childhood friend. Thus, this news reached Pei Qian...

Everyone thought that Li Shi had obtained some insider information. However, Pei Qian knew very well where this insider information came from.

It was a coincidence, a misunderstanding!

Buy a house in the old industrial zone? They would only buy it if they were bored and had too much money!

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At first, this was completely unreliable. However, on further thought, Pei Qian opened the application, intending to take a look at the houses there.

His mother was right about one thing. The surrounding environment would definitely be more livable in the future even though it was unlikely for houses there to appreciate.

The old industrial zone was originally rather dilapidated and the environment was not good. It was completely unrelated to the word “livable”. However, the surrounding economy was activated with the completion of the Thriller Hostel and snack market.

If he stayed here, he would be able to shop at the snack market once he left. He would be able to eat good food. Everything else aside, it would definitely be very popular.

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The house near the high-speed rail station might be in a good location and convenient for traffic but it was obviously lacking in the daily life for his parents. There was still a flaw in it.

Old people did not need convenience and did not like big shopping malls. However, it should not be a bad idea to walk around the streets and alleys like the snack street.

What’s more, the houses in the old industrial zone should be very cheap. It would not be a big deal to buy a new neighborhood with a better environment.

However, after browsing the application, Pei Qian was shocked.

“Why the f*ck did the property prices increase so fast?”

“Such a lousy house is worth so much money? That’s ridiculous!”

“A bubble, definitely a bubble!”