Online cat earning money

Online cat earning money

However, just as Pei Qian was about to let his guard down, he suddenly noticed that there seemed to be a new system application on his cell phone: Shopping Mall!

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This Shopping Mall mainly integrated all the products that Tengda normally sold into it. OTTO cell phones’ users could purchase them directly from the application and enjoy exclusive discounts.

After all, Otto Technologies might look like a cell phone on the surface, but it actually showed VIP status in Tengda’s entire industry.

Pei Qian opened the Shopping Mall and saw a line of words on the screen.

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“Fully-Automated Smart Bickering Machine AEEIS, officially released!”

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February 8th, Monday…

As the lunar year was coming to an end, Pei Qian could feel a ‘holiday’ atmosphere everywhere.

As for the new year of 2010, Pei Qian actually didn’t remember much about it. He had actually even forgotten what the New Year Gala program was on CCTV that year. This world was a little different from his past life’s; the New Year Gala program should be slightly different as well.

Of course, no matter how it differed, it probably wasn’t going to be that nice in any case.

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In schools—as the exam week ended, all students were hurrying back to their hometowns. As it was winter, fallen leaves were disappearing from the trees and there was a sense of desolation in the schoolyard.

Pei Qian came to the office and sat at his desk.

He took a cup of tea from Assistant Xin as he sighed; yet another dull day.

He summoned the system.

<Wealth Conversion System>

<Owner: Pei Qian>

<Profit Conversion Ratio 100:1. Loss Conversion Ratio 1:1>

<System Funds: 1,780,000 (↑780,000)>

<Personal Wealth: 21,647.8>