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(…Ah, the detailed records of the boss fights in the past.)

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It showed which date and when did we battle, what did we get, and…which player did we cooperate with.

I can’t help but scroll down the screen in a rush of nostalgia. So, when the bottom of the screen, …which is the first record of the boss fight is showing.

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“What’s wrong, Chiaki? We’re going?”


I freaked out since someone spoke to me from behind, just as I’m standing up abruptly…

My phone slipped off. However…


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Keita caught it brilliantly and prevented the phone from falling onto the ground. After I pressed my chest in relief, Keita started looking at the screen of my phone.

“Eh? GOM?”

“It’s nothing, that’s-“

I quickly tried to take my phone back. However, perhaps it’s because I’ve been lying down to see the starry sky up until a moment ago, I felt dizzy from standing up too fast, and I missed. Although I quickly recovered from it, Keita’s already- finished reading the text shown on the GOM Search screen.

“…Hmm? It says that the player you’re cooperating with is Tsucchi…? Eh?”