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Horikita did not answer and instead listened to Nagumo’s justification.

“I certainly wanted to challenge him to a fight. However, it wasn’t for the sake of finding out who would win and lose. Even if Horikita-senpai really did fall to Class B, my fundamental evaluation of him wouldn’t have changed. That person’s strengths cannot be determined by the position his class is in.”

Asahina still did not seem to understand what Nagumo was talking about.

“Still don’t understand? Then I’ll ask you this. Did this incident lower your evaluation of me? I’m still a student of Class A as well as the student council president. Is there anything about me which shows that I’m a failure?”

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“No, but…”

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“You can’t distinguish who wins and who loses in a conflict of people in separate grades.”

It wasn’t hard to understand what he wanted to say.

But, even knowing that he couldn’t directly confront him, Nagumo continued to challenge Horikita.

“I just wanted his approval… his recognition. That’s why I’ve been continuously attacking senpai.

Judging from how Horikita Manabu looked at Nagumo, he definitely acknowledged his strength.

No, I should say that he had recognised Nagumo’s strength from the very beginning.

He just couldn’t accept the way Nagumo handled things.

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Maybe Nagumo wanted Horikita to acknowledge his method of solving problems.

“That felt like a young girl proclaiming her love.”

“Maybe. I’ve already inquired about what Horikita-senpai will do in the future, and I will chase after him.”

There wasn’t a hint of remorse or regret in Nagumo’s expression.